The New Look of the K-Tribe

After failing to make the postseason, the K-Tribe looks to rebound with a new set of faces in Kinston this year.  The likely promotion of Mills, Weglarz, etc. will put a lot of young players in Kinston who many of the fans have yet to hear about.  Even though there are players with great potential in the likes of Lonnie Chisenhall, Tim Fedroff, and Cord Phelps who could potentially skip Lake County and head straight to Kinston, the history of this organization moving players slowly through the ranks will likely have them starting in Lake County.  Barring any players skipping a system or two, here is what I think the normal lineup will be for the Kinston Indians.

1) Karexon Sanchez – 2B
2) Matthew Brown – RF
3) Matt McBride – LF
4) Richard Martinez – C
5) Todd Martin – 1B
6) Roman Pena – CF
7) Brock Simpson – DH
8) Dustin Realini – 3B
9) Ron Rivas – SS

* With the lack of impact players in the lineup above, Chisenhall, Fedroff, Phelps, Tice, Valdes, etc. could make a quick jump to Kinston. If the K-Tribe expects to be in contention with the players above, they’re going to have to really breakout this year.  We won’t hear much about most of these players except from the Minor League Magazine show on STO as the K-Tribe is the only team affiliated with the Indians not stationed in Ohio.


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