Lake County Captains, First-Half Contenders

After collecting the first-half division crown, the Lake County Captains fell victim to the 2nd-half of the season (much as a result of many of the key players being promoted to Kinston).  Their first-half record was 41-29 while the second-half record was 34-36.  They look to rebound next season with a fresh set of faces, many coming from close-by Mahoning Valley.

As stated in my post below, barring any players jumping a level of the minor league system, here’s the lineup I expect to see to start the year in Lake County.

1) Isaias Velasquez – SS
2) Tim Fedroff – CF
3) Cord Phelps – 2B
4) Lonnie Chisenhall – 3B
5) Jeremie Tice – 1B
6) Juan Valdes – DH
7) Ryan Blair – RF
8) Robert Alcombrack – C
9) Ramon Hernandez – LF

* While I expect Chisenhall to still get a good amount of games at SS, and Tice to get a decent amount of games at 1B, I expect both to be making position changes at some point next season.  Not only will it help them with versatility, it might help accelerate them throughout the minor league system.  Phelps will be playing exclusively at 2B, and looks to be the Indians best prospect at that respected position, and if he contributes early, he might be fast-tracked through the minors.


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