Akron Aeros Look to Head Back to Eastern League Finals

The Akron Aeros will have almost a completely different roster headed into next season as most of the key players will head to the Huntington Bank Stadium in Columbus, but there will be a lot of new, young, high-caliber talent headed to Akron.  The Aeros headed into the Eastern League Finals last season, but fell to the AA-Affiliate of the Yankees.  With the new players added to the roster, the Aeros look to head back to the Eastern League Finals.

Here is the roster I expect to see the Aeros put on the field on most days…

1) John Drennen – CF
2) Carlos Santana – C
3) Beau Mills – 1B
4) Nick Weglarz – LF
5) Jared Goedert – 3B
6) Matt Whitney – DH
7) Carlos Rivero – SS
8) Ryan Goleski – RF
9) Niuman Romero – 2B

* Goleski could be used as a 4th OF for the Columbus Clippers next season, while Niuman Romero could be picked up by another team as he is a minor league free agent who will likely not be added to the 40-man roster.  However, I think Romero will re-sign with us and be penciled in as the every day 2B at Akron.

* John Drennen could be on his last legs at Akron next season.  After a pretty decent rookie campaign, he’s become nothing more than a footnote on the career of Roger Clemens (homering off of him while Clemens was making his comeback).  If he doesn’t excel this year at AA, he likely will never see AAA in a Tribe uniform.  The lack of a leadoff hitter might allow Drennen to be used as the leadoff hitter.

* If Goleski and Romero aren’t on the team at Akron other potential replacements are Roman Pena or Lucas Montero.



  1. slicedham

    Solid analysis, I’d say that projected lineup looks pretty accurate.. Should be interesting to see if Carlos Rivero has a breakout year. I’ve heard him quite a bit about him, but he hasn’t really had that huge season that has made him a prospect to watch. It has to be depressing to be Ryan Goleski. I remember when he get picked in the rule 5 draft after his breakout year, then was returned by the A’s. He has been stuck in Akron ever since.

  2. Roger Dorn

    Regarding Rivero, I think he’s finally beginning to realize his power potential. I love his upside, and for being 6’3″ 210 he’s pretty smooth at SS. However, I think as his power develops, he’ll eventually outgrow SS much like Peralta has (although I’m not sure we’ve ever thought Peralta was smooth at short). He hit 27 doubles this year, showing good gap power, but as he continues to develop some of those doubles are going to start clearing the fences. He’s just 20 years only and won’t turn 21 until May.

    Goleski’s pretty much done. He had one breakout year, much like Ryan Mulhern, and then after being returned from the A’s from the Rule 5 draft (like you stated), he just faded. I’m not sure what happened that one season, but it looks to have been a complete fluke. Maybe it just runs in the first name of Ryan, although Garko has still been solid.

    I’m a little nervous about Goedert. I think there’s a lot of potential there, but maybe not enough for third base. If Niuman Romero doesn’t stay with the team, I would expect Goedert to play 2nd base almost exclusively with Chisenhall potentially being fast-tracked to Akron as the third basemen (with Jerad Head filling in for the time being).

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